My personal repositories

NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
a-conjecture-of-mineAn exercise on polyglossy: the same problem solved on multiple languages Pablo
bomber-kittieA fun little ROM hack of mine 📼️ Pablo
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles Pablo
fish-coronaTrack corona-virus cases from the fish-shell 😷️ Pablo
haskell-positHaskell bindings for the SoftPosit C library 🧮 (WIP) Pablo
ico-sxivView the individual entries of an ICO file in sxiv ⏺️ Pablo
idris-matrixA simple Idris library for manipulating matrices 🧙 Pablo
introducao-a-assemblyRepositório dos arquivos usados na apresentação "Introdução a Assembly" da CriptoGoma de 2020 🖥️ Pablo
latex-setupMy personal LaTeX setup Pablo
pablo.escobar.lifeThe setup for this very website Pablo
photos.escobar.lifeThe repository for the code used for generating the website Pablo
stagitMy personal build of stagit 😸️ Hiltjo Posthuma
svg.escobar.lifeA simple SVG markup editor for the web Pablo
tikz.escobar.lifeThe setup for Pablo
zip2imgA small utility to converts ZIP archives to MS-DOS compatible disk images (virtual floppies) 💾️ Pablo