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Minor tweaks in the READMEPablo1+3-1
Updated the installation instructionsPablo2+7-67
Added a MakefilePablo1+10-0
Updated the manpagePablo1+4-4
Added a title to the READMEPablo1+4-0
Fixed a typo in the READMEPablo1+1-1
Converted the README to MarkdownPablo2+35-38
Removed references to Pablo Escobar from the repoPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria3+6-6
Minor improvmentPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+1-2
Removed the source-file of the manpagePablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria6+51-129
Fixed more typosPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria6+26-26
Fixed broken linksPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria4+5-5
Fixed typoPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria4+71-24
Renamed the programPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria8+93-93
Updated README.adocPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+1-1
Added installation instructions to README.adocPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+12-0
Patched the install-scriptPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+6-6
Added comments with information about the program in the soource-filesPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria2+26-8
Updated the install-scriptPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+4-4
Documented the program and started working on the install scriptPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria7+838-1
Initial commitPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria1+4-0