The setup for tikz.escobar.life

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Extracted some of the code from the index page to separate filesPablo4+43-28
Cleaned the MakefilePablo1+1-2
Added notes on SVGO to the READMEPablo1+3-0
Added a READMEPablo1+10-0
Removed the deploy target from the MakefilePablo1+0-3
Minor fix in the Makefilegit.escobar.life1+0-1
Minor tweaks to the setup to make it work from the serverPablo4+5-6
Minor tweaks to the MakefilePablo1+1-1
Minor changes to the MakefilePablo37+3-1083
Changed the elliptic curve drawing a bitPablo1+6-6
Added a new drawingPablo1+34-0
Added CSS to prevent the images from getting too tallPablo1+2-1
Sorted stuff in index.hamlPablo1+1-1
Added the topology mug drawingPablo1+214-0
Added a reference to the arrow libraryPablo1+1-0
Added comments and licensing information for the new filePablo5+59-43
Added a bunch of drawingsPablo7+111-0
Removed unnecessary imports from the MakefilePablo1+0-2
Fixed indentation in the Galois diagramPablo3+75-6
Added copyright information to each and every picturePablo25+25-0
Minor change in the CSS schemePablo1+4-1
Fixed a typoPablo3+677-2
Minor changes in the general setupPablo2+6-3
Finished setting up the infrastructurePablo55+178-5689
Replaced the build script with a MakefilePablo2+15-19
Initial commitPablo55+6293-0